Is It Just Me Or...

     I don't really know about guys but girls have a tendency of comparing themselves to other. Which won't only make us think bad about ourselves, but also feel bad about ourselves. The thing is, no matter how good a girl can actually do something or no matter how she looks like on the outside; sometimes or even most of the times girls think they're not worthy. 

    Is it just me or do you understand how does it feel too? Even when girls receive compliments, most of them would feel awkward to accept them or maybe deny it. I dont really know what kind of thing that can make most of the girls think like this. And so do I. 

    Six months later my weight was 75 (i'm 1.69m) and I recognized that had 75kg wasn't a joke. then I started to have an extreme diet (for 3months--I used to eat rice weekly) and now I've lost 13kg of my weight. I know it's not healthy at all. To be honest I didn't really care about my weight that time but since I felt that people started ridicule me because of my weight yeah then I started it. I mean.. you don't have to feel "that" worry about your weight as long as you're healthy---but obesity is an exception. 

That's me. Don't mean to brag--or whatsoever it is, but I just want to tell you about my experience. 

     But you know, The funny thing is.. everyone is created differently, we shouldn't compare ourselves to different types of people. Nobody is perfect and let us keep it that way. Just because we dont have what they have or if we can't do what they can do, it doesnt mean we're useless. Moreover, you'll never know about what people go through; the faith and the struggle.

So girls, feel good about yourself, you are fabulously made.

Got this gorgeous clutch from Pinby Shop

clutch from the back

And ah! Thankyou for my mum, my lil' bro &my chums (bening, nanda, ecu) for the gift. feeling so blessed to have y'all.


  1. sweety, you wrote something important- everyone is different and nobody's perfect. congratulations that you lost your weight- i am too 75kg and about 1,6m. always i promise to myslef that 'tomorrow i'll eat less and make exercises' but that's just words. i think i need motivation and now i see you can be motivation for me and other girls!

    i hope you understand me, sorry i'm polish ;)

    xoxo, ♥

  2. You have an awesome blog! I'm going to enjoy reading it. Definitely following! :) From Harry

  3. I too am struggling to lose some weight now :( Food is just too tempting but I'm glad you posted such a nice article about it.Thanks for this! :)

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  4. I love your outfit! Especially your clutch :)
    Keep on inspiring!

  5. Hai Naya,

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  6. Really love your whole outfit, especially the blazer you've put over you shoulders.

    I don't know why girls compare themselves to others... it's something so ingrained in all of us and it's frustrating because each one of us is so unique! Thanks for sharing your story!

  7. Very inspiring post!

    xo Jennifer

  8. aw this is very inspiring! thanks for the kind powerful words :)
    just started following!

    keep up the amazing work, <3

  9. Great look, love it! The clutch is awesome!

  10. You're beautiful ;).I love your style ;))

  11. Yes, you've got the whole and most important point in this post! I often feel that kind of feeling as well, when people gimme some compliments towards myself, I always deny it, dunno because I'm shy or sometimes I think they're too much about giving compliments. We as girls need to be more confident and stop comparing ourselves to others girls and start loving ourselves! A very inspirational post, dear!

  12. awesome clutch!!!! love the whole look! really stylish!

    xoxo jenna

  13. great words there ! i agree that we shouldn't compare to others :)
    you look terrific by the way !


  14. Congratulations!
    Gorgeous Blog!
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  15. Awww how inspiring <3 i love love love it!
    Have we followed each other blogs yet?? Cause i'd love to! <3

  16. You are fabulous the way you are no matter how much you weigh :)

  17. This post is very inspiring :) You look amazing and pretty :) Btw love the clutch! x

  18. Love the clutch and your houndstooth shirt too <3

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  19. how i love your look here.. So stylish !

    Chic Swank

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  21. Love your blog, your post and your outfit! :))
    you're so cute ♥

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  23. very beautiful post of yours! whatever happens to you remember to surrender your gratitude for how you're created :) everyone is unique
    followed your blog

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  25. Nice blog :)

    Pretty outfit as a girl!!

  26. Ok this is a confession and an insecurity at the same time .
    I have pretty much the same issue with myself . I used to be fit and in shape . Few years later I started "neglecting" sleep and exercise till now . Now I am 89 kilos and 5'6 tall . In other words obese . I really don't care about how people think of "MY" figure , but I started dieting last week and I already lost a kilo and I feel good . I want to say "I used to be Fat" not "I used to be Fit"


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  28. I was 56kg and just lost like 10 kg..nobody actually teased me about me being a little overweight but somehow I just managed to do a diet and it works! Cut out all the junk food, drink more water&fruit. It makes me feel sooo much healthier. Love ur look btw<3:)

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