"When the name 'Naya' comes through my mind, all I think about is a figure of a girl wearing hijab, smiling from ear to ear. she is abso-freaking-lutely funny & I bet you can't help but laugh when she tells you jokes. She's caring & strong I guess, for what she's been through. She's also fashionable & so gorgeous Her english is so good--That hurts. She's friendly, humble, overthinking sometimes but I love her though xoxo." 
                                                                                                   -Bening S. Maudina-

       Welcome to a fashion diary of a half-arabic half-indian half-indonesian. Naya is a moslem 15 years old high school student comes from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

       First blogged around December 2011, Final Expectation is a title Naya has been thought in just around... um.. 15seconds. Its actually just coming across her mind. And then She started to think about its meaning, if it was meaninless, She would change it and think about the better one. But like no, IT IS meaningful!  Final expectation was created with the purpose to share a passion. It was originally a blog to collect all the random thoughts and inspirations going on in Naya's head.

       She will rarely wears branded stuffs. She's not that kind of high-social girl. She's enjoying herself havin' a loud laugh without being embarrassed. But that's not mean She doesn't like branded stuffs. She literally does! She loves their quality and creative design, but sometimes they just don't suit her. And She still doesnt know what kind of style that She mostly wears, Because... you know, She's still experimenting with her looks. So there's no permanent style here.

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Yaumil Akbar FIrdaus said...

semoga bukan hanya mementingkan style :)

melainkan, berhijab karena Allah SWT.

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Hi chums! Thankyou so much for your comments, I appreciate and I read them all because it means a lot for me. Fyi, I follow back. We're chums, aren't we?

With Love, Naya.