Feeling Too Blessed To Be Stressed.

 Good night, Good friends. How's life? It's June already and i'm like... time really goes too fast. We're not really half way through the year until the end of june, We've only had 5months, not 6. So everyone need to chill out lol. I just had my hectic-est weeks. What made me being so messed up was when my friends in different schools had only 2weeks for exams but I had 3. No sigh but I just wanna tell you that those hectic days are one of the reason why I have to leave blog for a month. Well, Wish us all the luck for everything. God bless us through this month.

Thank God so much I can passed those tiring days. I had me-time and I decided to take a picture for blog. I got this cute eyeglasses from Pinby Shop I know these photos are so random but I don't care because I really really can't wait and I'm really really lookin forward to holiday! God please make it faster make it faster! yeayyyy!


  1. lovely glasses !! <3<3 suit on you dear

    Love a Bunch,

  2. those glasses and your eye makeup are darling :)

    much love from NYC



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