All is well, except I just haven't been in the best steady mood for blogging.. But hear me now, I am back! Better than ever, and when could be a better timing but the end of the Ramadhan and Syawal months? I love to start the new month with a fresh start. Anyway, Happy Ied Mubarak to all muslims around the whole wide world, wish all of you a happy Ied Mubarak!

     Fresh start. Who wouldn't want a fresh start? I mean, we all make mistakes and our choices might not be the best there is, but above all, life is still great. Now, I'm wondering, have you all ever read something that can killed you inside? It's like everything was going fine until you accidentally came across something you never expected to read or found out something that you were better off knowing earlier. It's almost as if it was there just to purposely starve you but you constantly looking for it over and over again to crave yourself. and It feels like the best guilty pleasure knowing how end-month sales can truly ruin your whole day. Well, don't worry if you think you can't deal with the high prices, because these is special offers for the collection of high-street fashion brands only in ZALORA, called Fashion Fever Week.

go click the picture!

      Jakarta, July 21, 2015 - ZALORA, online fashion destination in Asia, launched Fashion Fever Week, special offers for fashion brand in all ZALORA Southeast Asia in mid-year of 2015, starting from July 22 to 31, 2015. This series of Fashion Fever Week become a special fashion celebration for ZALORA in the middle of this year and offers consumers direct access to high-street fashion global brands and local brands with super special price at once. ZALORA provides discounts of up to 80% for the selection of the best fashion brands that participated in this Fashion Week Fever. Until now, ZALORA has more than 6,000 local and global fashion brands throughout Southeast Asia. Some brands that have participated in the series Fashion Week Fever are Levis, Mango, River Island, New Look, and including ZALORA, private label of ZALORA (a favorite choice of consumers.)

     The consumers throughout Indonesia can enjoy the ease and comfort of shopping online, wherever and whenever in or through fashion ZALORA apps that can be downloaded at Google Play and the Apps Store.

     Thus, It is that simple how to make a fresh new starts actually. If it starts with love, end it with love. you might say that the hardest part of starting over your from-head-to-toe-look is starting right down from the very first place but you can imagine yourself being a totally renewed human being. Truth is, if you really love something, the love never wears away. Fashion items don't always work out the way you want it to, but I don't see the reason why you should keep it off.

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