I Beseech It Won't Be The Last

        Hi everyone. how was your may? yeah.. this is june. Hmmm… 2weeks ago I got the final score for my RSBI test, and I'm failed . But my mom said it's not the end of the world, God know me, God will give the best. I hope... My best effort were not in vain in the future. Thanks may, So unforgettable. Welcome June. I'll start from zero. No more galau, no more failed, no more sadness,please? Hope I'll get my best. Thanks God may is over and I'm so ready for June☺ And also thanks for Your Favors, for Your blessed, for happiness, for wonderful May.  Hope June will be better than May!  But still Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

        Just learn from yesterday. No need  to sad, because God with us! I wanna share some pictures and share about my happiness. Wohooo! I went to Ciwidey on 28th-29th may 2012! We stay there for 2days-1night at Flamingo Villa. My happiness… just…. So… unspoken! I invoke it won’t be the last. I invoke there’s no-one who will forget about this. About us. I just afraid tomorrow  will never be as fun as those moments and memories. I love you so damn much guys. Never forget about us. We’ve been together for 3years. I will never be forget about us. I swear. And I promise.

        Here, We had a lot of fun! We were having so many games, there is no time to be sad, here. We just having fun, spent a lot of time… with you all. 

       And at night, we were having bonfire then it was a barbecue timeeee! Hahaha (I’m longing this momentL) We made a small circle around the bonfire and we had to tell the truth, tell the stories, tell our feeling, and it was looks like ‘Wake up call’ for us.. it was like ‘Hey, we’ve been together for 3years. So please don’t forget about us..  I do apologize for my mistakes. We’ve changed. Changed a lot! but thanks for always stay the same, no matter how we change, we'll always be bestfriend, forever.’  After that we had an ‘exchange gifts’ time before we had a barbecue time.

        And at the middle of the night, it was..  karaoke timeee! Wohooo haha we sang a lot of ‘dangdut’ songs, we didn’t care about the lyrics. We just dance and enjoy the music. Didn’t care about everything, just having so much fun!  Seeing us at that moment was the best thing to happen to me in a long time.Thats my  love, my best friend. Thanks for every little thing. It was like the best night of my life.. I love you. I had so much fun& you were so fcking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!


  And next day, we went to kawah putih. Yeah, like yesterday.. it was so muchhh fun! Haha, here are the pictures…

        Then we had a late lunch and (again) and after having a lunch we were playing and took so many pictures too, of course. 

         It was a bit of our thousands memories. Wasn’t it?  Glad to make a new post about us. And thanks for Chika (you can follow her on twitter @chikokchika) , Maura (@maurasyafa) and also Salma (@sabiilla) for the pictures! God bless youJ And yeah.. Next post, I’ll show you about my graduation. I’ll make a post about it ASAP, see you soon!


  1. Waawww.. Looks like you all had lots of fun time. You must be missing them so much :)

  2. we love how much effort you put in your blog. keep up the good work! we would be super happy if you could visit us. <3

    rocket + fox


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