Guilty Pleasure

      Just in case you're wondering why I haven't blogged in a while, it's because there's so many things in my mind that I can't even pour it out one by one on a post. since my school made a new rule; have to go there on saturday, so it means that my life is all about school. does it suck to feel like you only can lay down on your bed and sleep all day only on sunday? you know i'd love to but SERIOUSLY sunday is the one and only day to me to do tons of homework the teacher asked me to, or maybe the point is I always do those kind of obligation on sunday and i have no other free day like "hey i'm going to hanging out with buddies, mind to join us?" "wanna go to te cinema with me?" "let's go the store, it's shopping time!". Sigh. My school, needs. to. chill. out. 

      I'm exhausted to spend all my time about school stuffs but i'm grateful enough i'm alive, i'm so grateful to God to give me all the things that I need, and for making all of the people i love.. stay. and ah! Happy belated The Fourth Of September, there. Thankyou for the flower, you have no idea how much you meant to me. 

      This is the quickest outfit post that i've ever made. I made this in the middle of my hectic schedule, and here I'm again, buddies!


  1. trust me that school is the best time ever, but don't let your school interfere your blogging time lol, seriously


  2. high school is the best! have the best time out of it <3

    Little Miss Olen.


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