Once In A Blue Moon

     I know I have to admit that this is way so much too late to say Happy New Year 2014 but I don't mind. I have no idea how could I be this awesome in procrastinate things. There were a lot of things that happened to me, I mean, a lot. I turned 16 last month, I got many gifts and I was so thankful for that. I miss blogging as much as I miss writting things here, I have no idea when was the last time I went blog, that terrible, huh?
     I think everybody deserves to be hated for who they are rather than loved for who they aren't, right? I just hate judgemental people. Because I'm more like, oh hey you smoke? Good for you. oh hey you drink? Well drink on. you wear a lot of make up? cool. you don't? well thats all right. I dont care if you have a lot of money or don't, I don't care if you have a terribled up past. I'm none to judge and neither are you. I met a lot of new people these past few months, I love making friends but I dont love it anymore when it turned to be the-free-to-judge-things. I mean I'll get uncomfort when almost of the new people I met just thought that I was comparable enough for this and for that, I just hate it so much.
     Life goes on, and school as well, last project seems so overwhelmed. Well once again, sorry for this lack of post, but I'll try to post here more often, and I just wanna say thank you so much for those who stayed no matter how lack I went blog nowadays, I still love you guys anyway. Keep the faith, fellas.


  1. Suka banget sama hijaber yang fashionable :) i love the way you wear the turban!


  2. cool, suka banget ngeliat hijaber kayak gini


    1. followback aku dong aku udah follow kamu :)

  3. Nice color palette. i like your style >w<

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